Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Guilty By Absence?

So that you don't start blaming me of going in absentia as I was bullish. Well it so happens that I move places beyond thousand kilometers (Yes!! I m in Mumbai) and markets reverse:)....market closed below our much advertised  (and more researched and "reliable" ) price of 10520-10480...now I would be happy to take out shorts for 5-7% or even 10% (in stocks), but as a speculator one also has to keep his eyes and ears open beyond as to what is happening currently in "ANY" one market...get the sense of context and movement of price in the context before readying for next big bet...5-10% move will feed our ego's...positioning before big moves will feed your account......market will make its intentions clear in couple of weeks....till then lets ride with it, but with increased awareness and clarity....Stop Loss's close to heart or else it might just stop beating next day...hehehe:)

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