Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whats in the Name?

S: Wats in the name?

Me: "BubbleShort" is inspired by a true blood Supandi (from college days), who on being asked to write algo for "Bubblesort" (a method to sort an array of data) quipped that how do you measure these invisible bubbles before you get down to sorting them!!

S: But really what's in the name?
Me: See its any speculator dream to catch a bubble and also be part of pricking it (Shorting)...speculators are basically "A" category pricks :) (pun intended).

S: What is bubble?
Me: A bubble is when too many S's (these include regulators, policy makers, analysts etc) drive the price of an asset many standard deviation away from its normal distribution. This can be on the downside as well as on the upside. These movements always have genesis in fundamental changes on the ground oft ignored by famous minds only to be caught offguard later. A good example can be
-Infra, reality and power assets for last 4-5 years, a bubble on the downside after a bubble on the upside (please refer future posts, charts and thoughts on the same) 
-In commodities, grains looks set to start the journey to bubble zone (please refer future posts, charts and thoughts on the same)
-Natural Gas seems to have completed its bubble bath on the downside (please refer future posts, charts and thoughts on the same) 
-In currencies Yen appears to have reached its bubble potential on the upside  (please refer future posts, charts and thoughts on the same) 

S: Why BubbleShort?
Me: For speculators fastest and easiest money is made if the assets are identified with potential for bubble formation, maturity phase and its reversal. Bubble formation and maturity phase is running with the crowd while reversals (which are faster and viscious) are going against the majority.

S: How do you insure that you are not caught on the wrong side of the bubble?
Me: This comes with experience of your own S'ness over time and then you focus on the action of trading than thoughts and results of trading. Kind of nirvana you achieve once you see the triviality of so called "human intelligence" in markets.
So we here focus solely on statistical intelligence with tested methods

S: What are your sources and products you use to avoid being an S?
Me: Its all free open source programming as well as customized products, charts and technical derived from publicly available data.

S: Who are you targeting through this blog?
Me: I m targeting speculators and those with interest in profession and actions of speculation.
We are free till we can maintain it for free in my free time. We will demonstrate our edge in trading before next steps of our journey.

Enuf talking lets get cracking!!!

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